Saturday, October 28, 2017

DIY Catboy Costume from PJ Masks

This was a really easy costume to make for a toddler. If he was a little older and wearing this to school, I probably would've put more time and effort into the details, but I didn't feel it was necessary for a tiny toddler costume. This costume cost me $7 to make and countless hours of happiness coming from my Catboy loving three year old!
What you'll need:
Dark blue shirt
Dark blue pants
Light blue felt
fabric scissors
hot glue and gun
A needle and thread or sewing machine for small stitches

It's pretty self explanatory but I just basically cut out the various "lightening bolt" shapes and hot glued them onto the clothing. I followed the patterns on the actual Catboy costume photo ($20 from Amazon).
I sewed the cat-head onto the shirt because it was bigger and easier to sew on. I also sewed 3-4 small stitches onto the lightening bolts on various points to hold them into place in case the glue gave way.

Lastly, I got a headband from the Dollar Store and hot glued cat ears onto it.  I've seen other Catboy costumes with masks, but I knew my toddler wouldn't last a second wearing a mask over his face, so I went with a headband. It's perfect and he loves it!

I love making costumes like this--easy, inexpensive, and brings so much Halloween  joy to my boy!

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