Wednesday, December 13, 2017

September Memories

There are more than 8 things I want to blog about before 2017 is over so I am going to attempt to do that in the next 18 days!
Fall is officially over with winter on it's way. However, we haven't had any snow, yet, which is very strange and unsettling for this time of year. Sure this warm-weather girl has been enjoying the sunny, 50 degree Fahrenheit weather in the middle of December, but the environmentalist in me worries about drought..i.e.. crop failures, drying rivers and streams, the rise of fruit and vegetable prices, and worry that there won't be enough water for human consumption. We need moisture/snow/rain/sleet/hail this time of year to supply us with enough water in the Spring and so forth.
The other day in the car with my two youngest kids I started making up metaphors for what winter without snow is like:
Winter without snow is like a door with no handle. 
Winter without snow is like a donut without sprinkles.
Winter without snow is like eating your favorite cereal without milk.
Winter without snow is like  a car with no steering wheel.
Then Malachi chimed in with,"Winter without snow is like a green light that has a stop sign and then you can't go."  (So clever!)
Then Jonah added,"Winter without snow is like sledding on dirt."
Heh heh! I explained that that wasn't a metaphor but was literally what winter is like without snow. We all laughed. We REALLY need snow so we can not sled on dirt this year, as well as all the other reasons.

Well, In the first of my 8 or more blog posts, I want to highlight some of my favorite memories from this past September. September is one of my hardest yet most favorite months of the year. I almost feel like September should be the start of the new year, not January, because it is the mark of so many beginnings. 
September is right after the end of August when the new school year starts and when we get all our kids settled into school. It's the beginning of getting situated into a new routine.  It's hard to start new routines and get everyone into the swing of a new schedule, so September is the time when I am working hard figuring out how to get everyone where they need to be on time, and fed, and happy.

My husband is a huge part of this organization and scheduling process. He is the master of making menus for breakfasts, lunches, and dinners, buying the groceries, and cooking meals and making sure everyone has foods they like in stock. We council together in all the needs and wants of our children and try to make the best choices with each of them. 
For instance our eldest son wanted a paper route. So we ask, Is this right for him? Do we have the time for this? Will this enhance his life, take away from it, or enhance or  take away time and energy from our family as a whole? So, we think on it, we pray on it, we talk with our son and then finally decide that, yes, a paper route will be just fine.

There are so many little and big matters to take care of in raising a family, so making decisions with my spouse like this is  important in making everything function as a whole....i.e...Should we get a new refrigerator? Do we have money for swim passes this winter? Do we have time to help with soccer this spring? How should we budget our miscellaneous finances this year? How should we distribute chores for the little ones? Where should we go for summer vacation in 2018? How can we make scripture time more meaningful? How can we get our three year old to consistently use the toilet when he has to go poop?
And so on and so forth... These are the types of discussions that fill our days, our hours, and our minutes. 
I also like to start de-cluttering in September to get ready for Christmas. It's amazing how much junk earthly possessions you can accumulate in a family of 6. Plus the kids grow out of their clothes and shoes pretty frequently, grow out of toys and books, and just keep growing in general. I just took 3 huge garbage bags full of clothes, toys, books, and games to the thrift store to make room for more clothes, toys, books, and games.
I would love it if my eldest child could give his hand-me-downs to the second eldest, and then the second eldest could give his hand-me downs to my third child, but it just hasn't worked out that way for various reasons. One being that my second child has his own style of clothing he likes to wear and is kinda particular about what we buy for him and then my third child is so much smaller than my second that it will be years before he ever sees any of his older brother's clothes anyways, and then my eldest only likes to wear basketball shorts and cotton Tee's (yes, year-round!), and my second eldest doesn't want to wear his older brother's clothing that he sweated in (his words). Then lastly, my toddler is four years younger than my third child and needs his own clothing for at least 4 more years until he can fit into my third eldest's clothing. So, that leaves me buying clothes and getting rid of clothes for my kids more frequently than I'd originally anticipated. 

Back to September Memories, here' a run-down of things that happened in September:

1. The first weeks of school: New routines, new schedules, etc..
2. De-Cluttering and cleaning (wait, aren't I always doing this??)
3. Lots of wonderful, sunny, park days
4. Micah got his first batch of honey from his bees
5. Went hiking up in Crystal Springs
6. Zadok broke his arm
7. I started donating plasma weekly
8. Malachi started pre-school
9. We made tie-dye T-shirts for family night
10. I started the whole 30 diet and changed my eating habits (more on that in another post)
11. Jonah had a lemonade stand on our street
12. I organized a Salad Social for Relief Society
11. Read the book Cold Sassy Tree for Book Club
12. Started running with my dogs on the red rock trails during Mally's pre-school time
13. We all got really sick with an awful stomach virus for about a week.
14. We survived
Micah calming the bees down with smoke
A large honeycomb from a beehive

First drops of honey.

Hiking at Crystal Springs

malachi being cute

mama and mally

Running free at Crystal Springs

Jonah making the big bucks. 

Jonah at the park.


Sunny, park days are our favorite.


My pile of boys

The family that tie-dyes together.....

Super September Salad Social
Hanging out with some of my favorite ladies.
WE called him GIMPY as long as we could.

Jonah ART-It's a rainbow dragon fighting an army of bees!

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