Monday, January 29, 2018

39 Trips Around the Sun

I woke up this morning to my three year old giving me nose kisses as we were both snuggled up under the big, fuzzy blanket on my bed. He kept turning to me and saying, "Mom! Hold your nose still, I have to give you nose kisses!" Then he'd kiss my nose over and over again while telling me Happy Birthday.
He is the best cuddler and I can't think of a better way to start my birthday. Then my 11 year old came in and turned on the ceiling light, blasting bright rays of unwelcome light into my eyeballs while yelling,"HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!" Gah!! Not the best, but a close second.
Next came my 9 year old who jumped on the bed, patted my legs, and then asked me which birthday song I wanted first: "So do you want the short song, the sad song, the original song, or the Spanish song first?" I chose my order and he went through each song, singing his cute little heart out. I think my favorite was the Spanish song. He only knew two words to it and sang them over and over... Cumpleanos Feliz, Cumpleanos feliz, cumpleanos feliz....
The short song was pretty good, too. It goes like this: This is your birthday song, it's not very long. Hooray! The sad song is the same one my mom likes to sing about misery and people dying everywhere, and the original song is well, the Happy Birthday song. I loved every second of it. 
My 7 year old was downstairs wrapping my birthday present. I'm not sure exactly what it is, but I think it involves hot glue and Popsicle sticks. :) My favorite!

I feel like the luckiest lady on the planet to have these four wonderful children in my life. They are the cutest, sweetest, most beautiful souls. Each one of them brings light and happiness and joy into my life. 
My sweet husband baked me a chocolate cake and has planned a little party for tonight with our kids. 
As an adult who no longer uses facebook, you don't really go out advertising that it's your birthday so I am spending most of my day just doing normal stuff. So far I dropped Malachi off at the Play center for a few hours, went to the gym, got myself a smoothie, took a shower, and now I'm writing on my blog.  I think I like it this way: just a quiet, normal, peaceful day filled with the ones you love the most.

*I had to pause my blog writing  to go pick up Malachi but I am back. However, I came back with the cutest story. Upon picking him up he told me he needed to go to "that store where the lady cuts fabric." I asked him why and he replied,"To get a pwesent for your Birfday."
I knew he didn't have any money and that I would probably be the one paying for it, but I took him anyways because I wanted to see what cute, 3 year old  idea he had in mind. 

When we walked into JoAnnes he knew exactly what he was doing. He walked right up to the rows of fabric, picked out one he wanted, and then took it to the counter to get cut. I could hear him saying,"This is the perfect color for your birfday! Your favorite color!
Picking the fabric

Waiting for the cutter
 When the worker asked how much he wanted cut he didn't really know so he looked at me for answers. I had no idea either, so I just said, "One yard, please."  
He also picked out some turquoise thread on the way to the cashier, which he said could also be for my birfday. He asked me several times not to look at my presents and I assured him I would not. If you saw me in the store you'dve seen that I was smiling non-stop the entire time. 
We finally paid for the items and started to leave the store, but not without him stopping to look at the Beanie Boos on the shelf. "Mom, will you buy me a Paw Patrol Beanie Boo? I really, really need one."
Oh man, how could I say no? Afterall, I just bought myself one yard of fabric and some thread, why not buy a special Beanie Boo present for my sweet Malachi, too! I'm not sure what I'm going to make with my one yard of polka-dot turquoise fabric, but I know I'm going to cherish it the rest of my life. 

Before I sign off I thought I would just mention that Oprah Winfrey and I share a birthday. I'm not like this huge Oprah fan, which is why I think it's funny that I try to mention the fact that we share a birthday at least once a year. 
So, since I share a birthday with Oprah Winfrey I thought I would answer that question she used to always ask her guests at the end of her talk show interviews. You know that famous Oprah question, What do you know for sure? Well, It's my turn to answer it.

1. I know for sure that I don't wear stripes. I've never liked wearing stripes. Nothing against stripes, they're just not my thing.
2. I know for sure that money does not motivate me towards creating value in the world, people do. I feel my best when I am creating value in the world by helping, influencing, or inspiring other people.
3. I know for sure that I love de-cluttering. I am constantly trying to get rid of stuff because I feel more liberated and less constrained when there is less stuff around me..less piles of papers, less clothes in my closet, less Nick knacks lying around the house, less crap on the floor, and less of anything that could consume too much of my mental energy trying to clean it or maintain it or fix it.
4. I know for sure that I love reading. My book club has been such a blessing in my life. It keeps me accountable to read at least one novel a month, even when I feel too busy.
5. I know for sure that I love being a mother more than anything in the world. The fulfillment I feel taking care of these little people is my ultimate happy place.
6.  I know for sure that the gospel is true and when you live by it's precepts you are given the opportunity to grow spiritually, beyond what you ever thought possible. 
7. I know for sure that when you follow your gut instincts you are always right.
8. I know for sure that I married the right guy, at the right time, and in the right place. I love my husband beyond what words can even describe. He has taught me what true, married love is and it's the best thing in the world.
9. I know for sure that I have a banana addiction. I can't stop at one banana and when we're completely out of bananas the world feels out of whack.
10. I know for sure that life is what you make of it. To a certain degree I believe in destiny and fate but I also believe that you have to constantly tweak it in the right direction. Every decision we make has to be conscious and thought about to achieve what we truly want in our lives.
11. I know for sure that God is watching over me every single day, guiding my path, and helping me to make the best choices in my life. 
12. I know for sure that I love boots. Winter boots, fuzzy boots, knee-high boots, church boots, snow boots, and even the boots I wear to pick up dog poop. I never wore boots growing up because...Hawaii, but I can tell you right now that boots are awesome. 
13. I know for sure that the things I consume from the world should feed my spirit with positivity, love, and light..i.e. the books I read, the music I listen to, the shows I watch, the materials I choose to study or view should be positive, uplifting, knowledgeable, and worth my while. I don't want to waste precious mind energy on stuff that is lame.
14. I know for sure that exercising my body lifts my mood and keeps me sane,  and I need to do it every day. When I  get out and jog or bike or hike up a hill or swim or dance or aerobicize or lift weights, everything else naturally falls into place.
15. I know for sure that I love the ocean. (I miss you, ocean.)
16. I know for sure that being truly honest with yourself and with others solves a lot of problems. 
17. I know for sure that I like to have fun. Sometimes I get louder, crazier, and more hyper than my boys and that's just me.
18. I know for sure that I am getting better at surviving through the winters. The snow doesn't bother me as much and I am enjoying the changing of the seasons.
19. I know for sure that I love shopping at thrift stores. I love finding interesting or useful things that have a history to them, even though I may not know what that history is, it's still fun. I also really like finding funky clothes that match my personality. 
20. I know for sure that anything you choose to do, weather it be something big and important or small and seemingly insignificant, if you do it with purpose and intention, it becomest personally fulfilling.

I guess that's it for now. If I think of anything else, I'll be back.

Tonight I'm looking forward to a little birthday party with my cute kids and husband to celebrate that I've made it, 39 years around the sun!
My silly eleven year old even wrote me a happy message on the kitchen white-board. (Yes, he really can spell)

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