Thursday, January 25, 2018

So, I have a life coach

I recently discovered something (or should I say somebody) life-changing in my life and she is seriously rocking my world!
 It was about a year ago that an acquaintance of mine on facebook recommended listening to a life coach named Jody Moore saying that I would probably really resonate with the principles she teaches. I took a quick mental note and filed it away for another day.  
In other words, I completely forgot about that conversation until about a month ago when I was at the gym and decided to start listening to podcasts to distract me while I tortured myself   worked out on the StairMaster. Suddenly I remembered Jody Moore's Bold New Mom podcasts and I've been hooked ever since. 

I started out by listening to #116-Should you have more Babies? mostly because that's the big question I've been asking myself a lot lately. I instantly felt like I had hit a gold mine of valuable, insightful, sensible, and refreshing advice based on timeless principles that applied to so many other areas of my life as well! 
Not only did she help answer that question, but she has also helped me to clean up my thinking, make more rational daily decisions, eliminate negative self-talk, and start to pave out a clearer future path for myself. 
Since first listening to that podcast I've listened to other ones on subjects like anxiety, self-confidence, money matters, relationships, marriage, physical health, and spirituality. 

I can't say enough about how grateful I am for the work Jody is doing to connect with and help other women, mainly mothers. One of her main missions is to help mothers find joy in their journey as they learn the skills they need to manage their emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual selves. 
There are certain things and people on the Internet who miraculously find their way into my life and of whom I feel are truly inspired, and she is one of them!
 Whatever inspired her to become a life coach, well, there are thousands of people who are grateful she followed this path and whos lives are being blessed because of it! 
Another bonus for me is that she is LDS, which means she often tackles issues mothers face as members of the LDS church. She coaches members and non-members alike and her principles apply to everyone, but I find it refreshing that many of the examples she shares from her life, I can really relate to as an LDS mother. 

My only disclaimer is that, like anything you hear, not everything will apply to you. There are some things she says that I really can't relate to and frankly don't quite understand, but, I like to practice the old trick of "take what applies to you and leave the rest behind," to get the most out of my podcast sessions. 

Check out her podcasts here.  And her website here. 
Happy listening!

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