Sunday, January 7, 2018

Support for Stephen's family

There is a family of 12 in Puna, Big island that needs some extra support right now. They are some of the nicest people you'll ever meet. On our first day at church upon moving to Puna I remember this big friendly man coming right up to me and saying ALOHA! in a loud welcoming voice as he wrapped me in a big bear hug and kissed me on both cheeks. 
(we're definitely not in Utah anymore, I thought!)
I didn't even know him but felt like he represented everything beautiful and aloha about being back in Hawaii. His wife and children were just as friendly. One of his daughters became our favorite babysitter. That was Moke, and here is his  story below, written by one of his daughters:

"Yesterday morning I received the news that my Dad had been emergency transported to Oahu for surgery after a tumor was found on his brain. After a long day of hoping, praying and wondering, we finally found out he died on the plane before ever reaching the hospital. The only thing keeping his heart beating was life support. My Dad passed away January 5, 2018 leaving behind my Mom, now a widow with 11 children. Seven children are still living at home with the youngest being my baby brother, Malachi, only 17 months old. Illnesses had kept my dad out of work for almost 4 months before he passed away.
This was a sudden and unexpected tragedy. My dad was amazing. He lived life so big. Amid the turmoil and heartbreak of dealing with his loss, trying to figure out how to arrange for a funeral, let alone a future, has seemed almost impossible. 
Any help would be so appreciated. The money will go to funeral expenses for my dad and toward getting plane tickets for my mom and brothers and sisters so that they can come back to the mainland where family can help them pick up the pieces."

You can click on this Gofundme page for additional information and to donate to this wonderful family.
May they find the peace and comfort they need at this truly sad and unfortunate time. 

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