Sunday, April 8, 2018

Secondhand Saturday

I decided that I'm gonna start posting my awesome second-hand-thrift-store finds some Saturdays, starting with this couch.

I found this couch at D.I. for 60 bucks. It's a Lovesac Sactional sofa which costs about $3000 brand new. However when I found the couch I had no idea what it was or how much it was worth. It just looked like a good, cozy couch for our downstairs family room (the party room as my boys call it).
After I got home and started putting it together I noticed the Lovesac ensignia on one of the cushions. So I looked it up and voila-I had just purchased an overly-expensive sofa in mint condition for a minuscule fraction of the price! Oh how I love thrift stores!
I was telling some friends about my new couch and how one of my favorite aspects of thrift-store finds is imagining a history to behind the object.
 I mean, I don't know who owned this couch before us but I could imagine that it was sitting in a large living room of a rich couple who's children had all moved away so then they decided to sell the house, donate the furniture, and move to the Bahamas where they would be relaxing and sipping on Pina coladas in the warm sun til they died. I even found a Tootsie roll wrapper in one of the cushions that was probably left by a grandchild on their last visit to the house and therefore the last time they would sit on their grandparent's couch before they moved out of country.
My friend Danna laughed at me and then told me the real story was that the couch belonged to an old man who choked on the Tootsie roll and died so his wife got rid of the couch because it gave her nightmares. 
 I liked  my story better. :)  

I love thrift-store shopping and I love finding great deals on really cool and useful things. 
This Sactional sofa will probably be around for a long time, but if we ever donate it the story will go like this: It sat peacefully in the family room of a happy family of 6 who loved to gather on the couch to laugh, talk, watch movies, play video games, and enjoy each other's company!

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