Thursday, July 12, 2018

Gratitude brings Joy

Sometimes when life gets hard it's difficult to see the abundance of blessings you already have in your life. I need to remember to write down the many, many things I am grateful for in my life. There's been actual scientific studies done to prove that: people who consistently write down the things they are grateful for in their lives are more optimistic, more joyful, and can more easily get through tough challenges than those who only see the negative. 

So here's my list because I want to be and feel more grateful today and everyday.
I am grateful for:
-Fresh raspberries from our front yard bushes.
-A strong and healthy body.
-A grocery store nearby that always has fresh food to buy.
-My husband's garden for fresh vegetables
-A home to live in that I can paint the walls any color I want.
-Cars to drive, even old ones
-My two lovable, sweet dogs who are my hiking buddies and furry friends.
-A safe neighborhood to live in with kind neighbors
-Great wilderness trails nearby and a creek to swim in on hot days
-Four little boys who are passionate and creative and fun
-My husband who loves me and supports me in so many ways
-Options and resources to educate myself and improve my life in new directions
-Good books! Book Club!
-The internet and all the ways we can learn, grow, and connect through the www.
-The scriptures and the peace they bring me.
-Jesus Christ and His everlasting atonement and His ability to heal the mind and soul.
-The power of prayer.
-A strong, courageous mind.
-Church callings and the way they stretch me.
-Thrift stores and the way they relax me and save pennies.
-The job I got working at the gym daycare in exchange for a free membership.
-The gym! Grateful for weightlifting and where it is taking me/has brought me.
-The smell of Tranquility essential oil by Plant Therapy.. MMMmmmmmm
-Online college to fit into my busy life
-My newfound love for Instagram--I love it!
-EMDR and the life changing effect it's had on my brain/life/soul
-Andrea. Just Andrea.
-Red rock mountains
-The smells of juniper and sage on a hot summer day.
-New friends to enjoy.
-Doctors, dentists, and other professionals who we rely on at times.
-The Family Support Center who babysits my two littles (weekly) when I need my sanity.
-This laptop.
-My husband's passion for creating things like wild turtle habitats in our backyard.
-Ladybugs on asparagus plants.
-Malachi's energy and excitement for everything.
-Grandmas who take time to come visit and spend time with the kids.
-Glass beads, driftwood, and string for making dangly things.
-toilet paper, tooth brushes, toothpaste, shampoo, conditioner, and soap. 
-Friends who text and call.
-Sautee'd spinach and garlic.
-Painted rocks that your kids find on a trail.
-The ingredients to make playdough.
-The Temple.
-Funny movies to revisit over and over again. 
-Mr. Bean
-Little boys who love to play together.
-The Grand Canyon

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