Thursday, December 20, 2018

December so far, 2018

Every morning I have to sit in front of my "Happy Light", which brings extra daylight indoors by emitting a bright, full spectrum light that mimics natural sunlight. This helps prevent my Winter depression, of which I get real bad this time of year. I should have started it weeks ago when the time changed and the days got shorter, but here I am, starting today! Hopefully because I'm forced to sit here for the good of my health, I'll also get some blogging done. :) Win=Win. 
Here's the latest!
-Started homeschooling Jonah at the beginning of the month! Such a happier kid now. He really needed a break from school and some quality time with his mom and little brother. Not sure how long we'll homeschool into the future, but we'll definitely finish the third grade doing more of this:

Our ward Christmas party was fun! We have the best ward full of the most down-to-earth and Christ-like folks you'll ever meet. I have learned so much from so many of them, which have left such a positive impact in my life. So grateful for ward families and for the opportunities we have to love and serve others around us. 

The Nay family had a super awesome Christmas party at their house. We all went except for Z who had DnD at his friend's house. Below we are playing a White Elephant gift exchange. Mally loved the game so much that he came home and made Popsicle stick gifts for the entire family so we could exchange them in our very own White Elephant game. 
I made Frosty the Cheese Ball. He was delicious! 

A fun, family tradition we have is attending the Frontier Homestead Museum Christmas celebration. The museum is right around the corner from our house and such a fun time. They do crafts for the kids, old-frontier-style games, hand out hot cocoa and candy-cane flavored popcorn and light up the grounds for a nice night-walking experience. Santa sits in the old pioneer home and gives out candy canes to kids who sit on his lap and tell him their wishes. Mally wished for a Massage chair like Grandad and Grandma Sandy's, a stuffed animal, and a candy cane.  He got two candy canes!

Every Sunday after church we go find somewhere in nature to unload ALL THE WIGGLES, otherwise we'd be stuck in the house all day with 4 crazy children with too much pent-up energy. Several weeks ago before the snow we found this strip of frozen Creek located up a little gulch near the "C trail" that kept everyone entertained!

And of course, me fighting of the winter/seasonal depression is a constant, which results from lack of sunlight in winter. There's been many times where I've tried sitting and crying through church and I've found that it doesn't help me when I'm deep in a depression, so one Sunday morning I took my sadness to the mountains to be alone with myself and my Heavenly Father. It was just what I needed. So grateful to my husband for taking our boys to church so I could feel better. So Grateful to God for beauty, healing, light, and hope, which always finds its way through my tears.

Here's Odin doing some Holiday baking! He made some fudge with nuts for our family to enjoy. We had big plans to make treats this week and bring them to all our neighbors and friends, but I came down with the Norovirus (a terrible gastrointestinal flu). I don't think we should share the holiday diarrhea so maybe we'll postpone and make New Years treats. 

We got our Christmas tree right after Thanksgiving. We drove up the canyon, pulled over at a dirt road, and found our tree within 20 feet of the road. Easy peasy! I don't always love this tree-cutting tradition because of how cold it is up in the mountains but it wasn't too bad this time and we got a beautiful tree. Having a fresh-cut pine tree in our living room is worth it! Thanks to Micah for always leading the way on this tradition. 

Well, my happy light time is over and so is this blogging session. Til next time!

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