Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Fundraiser time!!

Our elementary school is putting on a run to raise funds for all the amazing programs and activities put on by the PTA. If all of my  friends would donate $1, $2, $5 dollars towards my kids they would be ecstatic (they win prizes)! By the way, It's not a per lap pledge run, just a one-time donation fundraiser.

Click here to donate for Malachi

Click here to donate for Jonah

Both boys are loving school this year! Malachi is in Kindergarten and Jonah is in 4th grade. Malachi loves creating art, learning to read, and playing with his friends. Jonah loves science experiments, math games, and playing non-stop with his new best friend Caleb. We are proud of them and the efforts they make to learn and grow at school!

Thank you to anyone who feels inclined to donate. I don't usually post stuff like this but we really love this school and are looking forward to all the great activities the kids get to participate in. 

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