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Aloha! It's me, Sally. I used to be Sally Stokes, now I'm a Jackson! Weather you are a family member, a long-time friend, or a new reader, don't you think it's about time we caught up?
This blog is my way of saying, "Eh, let's sit down and talk story!"

I grew up on the island of Oahu, specifically the beautiful and prestigious North Shore. years have gone by and now I live with my husband and four  boys in Southern Utah. I love homemaking and being domestic and oragnaizing my home. (Though I'll always be a surfer at heart)  I love being out in nature with my kids.  I love sewing projects and I love breastfeeding advocacy. I feel prettiest when I dress up for church. I dream of walking into a library and seeing my own book on the shelf. These are just a few things about me.

I am in love with my husband Micah. We like to sit on the couch, and crack each others toes, and talk about all the things we want to do to our home. He raises bees and makes fantastic bookshelves. He also carves spoons out of wood, crotchets, and cooks delicious yams. He is an amazing father to our boys.

I love motherhood.  I believe in being gentle with my children and teaching them to have joy and peace in their lives. We practice attachment parenting in our home because it feels right. We want to nurture strong connections with our children. Sometimes these are not the easiest choices, but we believe they have the greatest outcome for ourselves and our kids. It's those sleepless moments at night when children are snuggling up to me, kicking and giggling in their sleep that all my senses are filled with love It's here that I feel the most human. Being a mother is my greatest joy and biggest focus.

I live each day with my heart towards God. I believe He alone brings goodness into life. I am a Latter Day Saint. I don't debate God's plan of happiness. It's real. It's true. It's simple. It keeps me and my family grounded in truth. I want my children to always know that Christ loves them and is here for them.

I don't claim to have a perfect life, ever. I only claim that I am trying each day to do better than yesterday. I have strengths and I have weaknesses. I have joys and I have pain. I have nice days and I have grouchy days. I have beliefs and I have doubts. Overall I trust God to lead me wherever I need to be.

This blog provides me with an outlet for sharing what's important in my life with those who care. (Plus It's cheaper than therapy.) This blog is also a place for me to write what's in my heart, whenever I feel inspired to do so.

Mahalo for stopping by my friends, family, and soon-to-be-reader-friends!

xoxox, Sally

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