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Published elsewhere:
Power of Moms has published the following of my essays. (more to come.)

Having a blog has given me a chance to hone up on my writing skills. Writing is something I've always loved to do ever since I was a little girl. I have volumes of journals and homemade books that I've written, which I now read to my kids as bedtime stories. It inspires them to make fun of me and all the stupid stuff I used to write about, but I really hope it also inspires them to find their own creative outlets. 
Here are a few of the more recent of my writings (blog posts) that I feel have helped me to embrace the writer within: 

Holiday Compliments...a weighty issue
Big Blue
A  Powerful New Perspective
Welcome to America, Immigrants
How Homeschooling is like the Circus Bus
Fish Candy
Surf Mama
Fresh Perspective and a Pink Bus
Marching Forth
I Miss You Hawaii
Thinking Good Things
Pioneer Day Baby
Goodbye Milk-milk
My Heritage
Positive Birth Support
My First Blind Date
Happy, Healthy, and Free

Book Reviews:
Everyday Bicycling; How to Ride a Bicycle for Transportation
MWF Seeking BFF
Soul Surfer, the Bethany Hamilton Story

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